TheALLThere are two schools of thought regarding THE ALL and the Universe. THE ALL is mental. it doesn’t consist of matter,yet within it there is the Universe which is matter in the form of varying energies. These energies form matter which are real to us living on this plane of existence and must be treated as real by the wise.

Those that contend that anything that has beginning or end and is constantly changing cannot be real by the mere mention of this fact fail to realize that there are two realities. The reality that we must adhere to is the reality that we are energy and therefor subject to the laws of this reality, the reality of the Universe.

If we stub our toe on a rock we feel pain in the mind. The rock is a collection of energy forming atoms that make up molecules to bring about the rocks existence into this, the Universe. For that matter our foot and brain are the same thing, energy forming atoms that make up molecules. So there is no escaping the fact that they are real.

Because there are the laws governing this physical realm that are irrefutable we seem to be trapped in this existence, going round and round in circles and getting nowhere. Instead do as the wise do and use law against law; the higher against the lower. Mastery doesn’t consist of abnormal dreams, visions, and fantastic imaginings or living, but in using the higher forces against the lower. By vibrating at a higher level you can escape the boundaries of the lower planes.

This transmutation is the how the masters became masters. We do not live in a world of dreams, but in a Universe, which is real as our lives and actions can attest. To live using the laws to rise above that place we find ourselves, to live each day to our highest ideas and ideals is how to overcome this station.

The true meaning of life is not know to men on this plane, but there is no mistake made when living up to our best and most possible potential. We are all on the path, the road leading upward, each of us at our own place. Create this day the best world you know how. Feel your vibrations increase as you grow and evolve. Learn to understand one new thing and bring your world to a better place to be.