When the taste of bliss is upon your lips and the sighs of rapture escape, you will know the blessings of grace. Alone no more, as you are wrapped in the unconditional love of oneness. Attaining oneness means no longer being separated from one another. No longer will you be manipulated by the ego mind, a mind that creates problems and keeps us from the truth.

Awakening does not come easy to most. It means letting go of all you know and believe to be true. These beliefs are fabrications of the ego mind and they are not reality. The center you revolve around is an illusion, conjured by the ego mind. It is the heart mind that knows the truth.

Become aware of the the stillness, draw your attention to the quietude that is the doorway to the awakened state. Words distort its actuality. They cannot reveal the true experience, but words are all I have to convey the message. As you awaken you will be disoriented. Your center will have fallen away and you will feel empty and abandoned at first.

Then you will realize that you are not alone, no longer separate from anything. Though you are in the midst of the nothingness, you will see it holds everything. It is the calm harmony of being filled with unconditional love for all things. You will perceive the world in a whole new light, seeing the truth that has beckoned you lifetime upon lifetime. You will know of what is, but not as one separated self. The ego that kept you in the dark has also fallen away and is no more. The self you believed to be you is no longer a consideration.

There is only freedom and a new way for you to live. Awakened from a dream you face reality for the first time and know that it is grace. The grace that comes to us when we awaken is the envelope that wraps us in truth and love. A grace that sets us free to be our true self, the self we were always meant to be.