There is no middle ground between being the “me” and being “one”. This is not to say that the “me” will not try to hold on or even try to gain control after awakening. It will even play tricks and come up with new beliefs to get you to buy back into its control.

When the shift takes place there may be a period when the “me” hasn’t quite dissolved away completely. Though the awakening has taken place there might be something that needs to be resolved. Some issue that has not been totally answered or fixed.

This is not always the case It can just be the doggedness of the ego refusing to give up control. Either way this “me” must fall away completely to prevent it from ever taking control again. Work through any issues and the let it go, even though there most likely is disorientation while adjusting to the new center of self.

The ego center is no longer the center of self. Truth is the center after awakening from the dream state. More specifically it is your real consciousness that is your new center and it has different things that it values. Some of these are truth, peace, harmony and love.

The ego self has an agenda that is always wanting and seeking. It want change and creates problems that it has no intention of solving. The ego wants things because it is convinced that they will make it happy. Sure they will make it happy for a brief time, but when the newness has worn off it’s off to other things and so it’s never satisfied.

The awakened self is happy and content, no longer wanting what it doesn’t need to be happy. Still it will lead you towards what you need to be truly happy and content. But mostly it sees things as they are and lets them be as they are.