Letting everything go. All thoughts, all ideas, all resistance to the ego self is when you will see the whole. There are no words to describe the ALL, or whatever you want to name it. A way of looking without eyes. A way of feeling without fingers. An inner sense that takes you beyond ego to find your true self. The self that is not controlled and manipulated by ego.

Truth is the enemy of ego. It fears the truth because it cannot no the truth as there is no place for ego in the awakened self, the true self. Ego is thoughts and ideas brought from the outside with our fine senses, filled with disinformation from other egos. One you see the truth you will see the lies. You will know the real you without the ego.

In the stillness that lays within there is love and peace and truth. It is in the nothingness that is everything. This is not a place that can be sought because it is here, there and everywhere, but nowhere, which can also be read as now here.

To have conditions is just another way of saying you don’t have control. This mind and body are not your true self. Though this life is a blessing, it is even more so when you are not controlled by ego. When the ego is in control it manufactures problems brought about by dualistic properties found in the realm of an ego controlled reality, which is not reality at all.

In a dualistic world there is right and wrong, good and bad, along with many other opposites. Nondualistic means there is only the way things truly are and this is truth. It is ALL. And yet, there are no divisions, no separations. ALL is one, in a divine grace.

Sure, there are all the goings on of the world and they will always be as they are at any given time. It is your perception that changes. It is the way you see the world that is new. When you awaken from the dream state you will see the truth, see the oneness that exists in reality. There is only one God who is everything. This very thing tells us inconclusively that there is only one and that there can be no other.