Physical truth versus spiritual truth – The physical plane is ruled by the ego and it creates a roller coaster of emotional situations. From the highs to the lows the ego is in control, making life a series of evens, some good, some bad. Physical truth is self centered, where the only concern is the effect on self. The only questions is “How does this effect me?” There is nothing outside of the ego as itself is its only real concern.

The spiritual plane is one of complete indifference of the ego, because the ego doesn’t exist. All that is, is equal, the same. There is only the one and everything else falls away to become one. The spiritual truth is love, eternal and unconditional. It is an awakening and to awaken you must first become aware the the ego doesn’t truly exist.

This state of awakening can last forever or for a brief time, but once known you will never be quite the same. You will know the truth, love, harmony, true peace, tranquility and serenity. Words cannot describe the ALL they can only distort the experience.

To compare the two is night and day. The ego is finite, where each of us are separate. Each of us, no matter what we say is thinking about ourselves. We want to know what effect this will have on me If I give to charity, what will be my reward? What’s in it for me? How am I to be compensated.

Once you’ve awakened from the dream state there is only the one, the ALL and there is no me or you. There is no personal reward because there is no individual. In the the true reality, there is no duality because there is only the one. There is no right or wrong, no high or low, no positive or negative. There is love and there is truth and it begins with the awareness of love and truth as being one.

Becoming aware of the oneness of all things begins as we look to the still of the spirit. The silence and stillness of the quietude that lies in the pauses.The silence is and always has been there or here as each is the same. It is the nothing that can’t be seen, but will become apparent when you put your attention upon it. Then you will see it is the fullest nothing there is.