Spiritual AwakeningOnce in a great while there comes to a person an idea that surpasses all the ideas that have come before. Such ideas come from necessity and jus such an idea has come to me. I am not the one that originated it but its very notion was such that I had to look at it more closely. The idea was that we are asleep living life in a dream made by our ego. An ego that thinks we are just this physical being, or separate individuals.

It’s been more than two years ago that I first heard this idea and I have long since awakened from the altered state the ego had trapped me in. Upon closer inspection I can see that I am not that which my ego had led me to believe. I am just part of the whole and certainly not the individual of my ego’s design. Though I am, I see that all is the same and I am one with that which is.

THE ALL has always been, for it is without beginning or end, and therefor time doesn’t exist. THE ALL is without change and cannot be added to or taken from, for if it was it would not be THE ALL.That which is not THE ALL is not THE ALL or reality. This earthly plain is therefor not reality, but more a lab experiment for some purpose that I cannot fathom. There seems to me that it has no reason for being.

Why then are we here? What is the purpose other than to overcome the folly created by the ego. Our true self is that part of us that goes on once the physical body has died. That part is awake knowing the oneness  the truth the unconditional love of THE ALL. It is and has always been enlightened, though there is always more to know.

The purpose of the physical being learning to abandon the ego seems to me to be the test. What that brings us is to the awakened state, which is where our true self has always been and will always be. Since time doesn’t really exist outside the physical realm the awakened person has always been awake but the sleeping ones need time to find their true self. Once awakened, and once again knowing the enlightenment they have always known, they join those of us in this reality. Once awakened all the lines of separation fade and the divisions disappear. Then there is no wanting for power, no greed no fear only serene loving oneness.