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To awaken. To become aware, enlightened, to see the truth. This is the quest, though most don’t realize that this is all they are suppose to do. Instead we have to complicate things. Surely, it can’t be that simple, but it is.

Become aware of that which lies within, it is your true self, the self that has no beginning and no ending. The self that is already enlightened and one with all things. This self is the self that will take you from the illusions wrought by the egoic mind, into a world of greater understanding. In a world where you are not the center and where everything doesn’t revolve around you.

The truth is that there is no center for there is only the one where each place is exactly like every other place. Everything is made up of energy and this energy is just like that energy. It has the same potential as every other piece of energy.

As we progress we reach certain plateaus and once reached the next one is in sight and then the next. Learning the truth, seeing the oneness and knowing the love are yours once you awaken. Your reality changes and you see the world in a whole new light. Everything is beautiful and bright for the most part, because you are part of the whole where there is no dissension. Conflicts don’t occur as there is only the one, living in harmony.

You will eventually come to know this state of being, this way of life, but before that can happen you must first you must be willing to recognize the fraud perpetrated by the egoic mind. The egoic mind cannot know the truth because it cannot exist within the truth. Therefor almost everything it tells you is a lie and should be ignored until it goes away.

Avoiding the trap is a difficult thing to do sometimes, because what the egoic mind tells you sounds right. It goes along with what your senses tell you. So you listen to the lies and fall for it all. Now you’re on the roller coaster of life when the egoic mind is in charge. Get off the merry-go-round, look within, be aware of the stillness for in it is the real you.


Nothing to Make You Afraid

Deep somber shades of shadowed hues.

Silhouettes in the night with whispered clues.

Dark recesses that haunt the mind,

Expanding upon the fears they find.

Spinning unrest with illusions made,

Breeding mystery from sounds that fade.

Causing despair to form and start

Growing each moment in the timid heart,

But arrested your fear is free from your mind.

Let them fall as the tensions unwind.

Leave your cares to the troubled wind.

Look deep into the shadowed shapes that blend.

Discover there’s nothing to fear within them.

Nothing is there from before the lights went dim.

Listen intently to the sounds that are made.

And realize there’s nothing to make you afraid.

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Preview: Chapter 1 – Loving Truth

Truth is a constant. It is never changing. Truth is the bind that tethers us to reality and yet we find that there is reality and there is illusion. THE ALL is never changing. It cannot be added to or taken from. It has no beginning and it has no end.

THE ALL is truth. It is oneness. It is everything and nothing. If there were places in THE ALL each place would be the same as every other place. Nothing is moving for there is no space and time. It exists in harmony. It has rhythm. It has vibration. But there is no emotion, no ego, and no duality. It merely exists and is everything and nothing at all.

On the other hand, we have this physical reality which is ever changing, filled with duality and emotions. It has time and space. It has a beginning and an end. There is motion without unity. Each of us is an individual an island with our thoughts, our emotions and our ego.

We have our wants and needs. We have our hopes and dreams. We are ambitious, self-centered, self-serving, competitive, greedy, envious, scared, doubtful, and contemptuous. Our mind is closed and we think of how we can become financially free, to have the better things in life.

We try to disguise our disgusting traits and to some degree some of us are successful, but still back in the recesses of our physical mind the urges still lurk. The fact is we all look for the thing that tells us “What’s In It For Me”. The ego has such a firm hold upon what we think, do and say that we scarcely think of anything other than ourselves.

Yet, there are those that rise above this ego when they become awakened. It is a difficult thing to accomplish because of the overwhelming persuasiveness of the ego, but it is something that needs to be done. The ego is for the most part evil or at least the potential to do evil things. Maybe not all the time, but certainly by its very self-centered nature to indirectly cause harmful things to happen to others.

It is our will that creates situations where we strive to be more, have more and do more or less as the case may be. To overcome these, we must learn to not be so concerned about our status or the way others look at us. The self must become nonexistent in the sense that there is pride or self-worth. We know that the body has needs and those must be met for the body to stay alive, but our chief concern is not the glory that is to be found in deeds or possessions.

Every person’s ego spurs them on to obtain power, to be the leader and thus having control over what others are allowed to do. We want to be the center of attention by nature. This “Look At Me” attitude is what drives wedges between us. My will is stronger than yours or my way is the only way just makes enemies simply because all egos make us believe the same.

To forget all that, takes a strong will. To not have feelings of grandeur for yourself is hard to do. To forget the pride and the drive or ambition is a matter of wanting to be one. For it is in the oneness that we see none of it really matters. There is no advantage except the ones perceived on this earthly plane. There are no riches or power in THE ALL. Everything is equal. It is a level playing field where there is harmony and unconditional love abiding in and for all things.

To rise above the pettiness of self is to forget the ‘me’ and focus on the One. Believe in the One for it is the essence of what is truth. When you look around in THE ALL there is no differences and no individuals and it goes on forever. All cosmic energy is alike. It has always been and it will always be, unchanging.

Because this physical reality is ever changing and driven by the ego where the self is the only thing. Just look at the old saying, “What’s In It For Me.” It spells out the whole problem and how self-centered the ego makes us. It is the ego that prevents us from giving without receiving. Physical truth is strictly a matter of fact truth based on the wants and needs of the ego.

Spiritual life is a bonding of permanence, a cementing of faith and self where the mind is focused upon THE ALL. It is seeking a way into oneness for the physical mind. There is a knowing of the Universal Laws that govern this physical plane. These laws create continuity so the universe can run. Any being of the lower dimensions is bound by these laws and must comply with them.

Duality is part of the physical truth in the physical plane and so creates the world we know. A balance is struck by the cooperation of the dual nature of things. With this balance the universe is maintained while the physical being is often confused. The teachings of man over the ages has mostly added to this state of confusion.

Physical truth prevails, in most, as greed and self-promotion rarely take a back seat to the oneness it denies. Our drive and our ambitions have kept us from advancing spiritually. Teachers of religion and theosophy have perverted the word, twisting it and falsifying it for their own gain. Their greed and lust for power have led not only them astray, but those that have followed them.

By the very nature of things, we are our worst enemy. Truth is not sought only creature comforts and the power over others matters to us. The physical existence is our primary concern. How to make a buck is our motto.

But what of the other side of the coin. In a world of oneness would we not all be the same, living happy well-adjusted lives without need or want. Dishonesty and the want to have power over others would not exist. There would be no greed or envy. Only peace and harmony would exist in a tranquil setting.

Which would you prefer? I think the answer is obvious, for in oneness there would be no strife. We would know happiness even though there are no emotions to confuse the issues because there are no issues. When there is strife there is stress, competition, ambition, which lead to all sorts of problems.

Emotions are the enemy of the physical and spiritual being. They lead us in ways that we don’t really want to go. They take us to places that creates the strife we want to avoid. Our very existence is defined by these emotions, whether they are positive or negative. In the state of oneness the positive aspects exist without the personal emotions to get in our way.

Is this then a boring place you might ask, though it is not so. In fact, it is a place of answered wonder where the whole of it will never be known. Like nothing that holds everything THE ALL is precisely that.

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The Cleansing Attitude

I have lived in many different places and been with many different people over those years. I’ve seen and read and looked for the answer to the question “Who Am I?” We all know who we are or should and that truth of what we truly are is that which lives inside, the inner self, and the nonegoic, true self. That self that is one, enlightened, at peace with all things.

There is no better cleansing attitude than that which is one/in/of/with THE ALL. There really are no line of division because there are no boundaries around how much you can love unconditionally. Don’t live in a world that is topsy-turvy. Don’t give into the madness that is believed by the ego. It will only lead you astray.

The reality is that we are all one, in THE ALL. There is no other, there is only the divine oneness that is and of THE ALL. It is a reality that can be found within. Look to thy inner self, thy oneness being that dwells within. There you will be once again knowing, that which you once knew and will know again. The truth is in the knowing and the knowing is in the truth.

There is not that which can’t be fathomed in the unaltered state of mind. There is only truth that allows you to see the oneness that is THE ALL. It is the truth of all existence, the flower of what is, without being an, is, without existing in time or space. Only knowing that there is only the one, the divine, THE ALL.

Before leaving you I going to share with you a poem I wrote.

Never Get Their Fill

The raptures of the mind float within the dreams

Chased within fantasies effervescent beams

Lights that will not shadow, heat that will not scorch

Ever burning desires perched upon an unending torch

A wantoness that wells a thirst that doesn’t quell

An enamorment of an enchantment spell

The needs ignore the warnings of the mind

The truth goes unheeded for fulfillment’s bliss to find

Lost in the desires of the famished yearning

Left within the wanting of the passions burning

Never sated are the feeling of the wanting

Unfounded is the searched for hunting

Unrealized go the undaunted some

Questing for the raptured feelings to come

Yet all that’s left to look for is a new thrill

Unknowing that they will never get their fill


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