The Cleansing Attitude

I have lived in many different places and been with many different people over those years. I’ve seen and read and looked for the answer to the question “Who Am I?” We all know who we are or should and that truth of what we truly are is that which lives inside, the inner self, and the nonegoic, true self. That self that is one, enlightened, at peace with all things.

There is no better cleansing attitude than that which is one/in/of/with THE ALL. There really are no line of division because there are no boundaries around how much you can love unconditionally. Don’t live in a world that is topsy-turvy. Don’t give into the madness that is believed by the ego. It will only lead you astray.

The reality is that we are all one, in THE ALL. There is no other, there is only the divine oneness that is and of THE ALL. It is a reality that can be found within. Look to thy inner self, thy oneness being that dwells within. There you will be once again knowing, that which you once knew and will know again. The truth is in the knowing and the knowing is in the truth.

There is not that which can’t be fathomed in the unaltered state of mind. There is only truth that allows you to see the oneness that is THE ALL. It is the truth of all existence, the flower of what is, without being an, is, without existing in time or space. Only knowing that there is only the one, the divine, THE ALL.

Before leaving you I going to share with you a poem I wrote.

Never Get Their Fill

The raptures of the mind float within the dreams

Chased within fantasies effervescent beams

Lights that will not shadow, heat that will not scorch

Ever burning desires perched upon an unending torch

A wantoness that wells a thirst that doesn’t quell

An enamorment of an enchantment spell

The needs ignore the warnings of the mind

The truth goes unheeded for fulfillment’s bliss to find

Lost in the desires of the famished yearning

Left within the wanting of the passions burning

Never sated are the feeling of the wanting

Unfounded is the searched for hunting

Unrealized go the undaunted some

Questing for the raptured feelings to come

Yet all that’s left to look for is a new thrill

Unknowing that they will never get their fill


I hope you enjoyed my poem. If so there are many more on my website blog. This link will take you directly to the blog’s home page.


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