About Love and THE ALL

For the Love of ALL

As peace and tranquility envelops you, there comes a time when there is no time, when there is no place as neither exists. In a realm filled with nothing, there exists a silence. This silence is the foundation of all for it is truth and beauty as well as every positive attribute possible. It is the essence of love and love is all. With love THE ALL is. Without it there is no ALL.

Inside the ALL there is no conflict, no lines of separation or delineation. There is only peace and war or any kind of strife are not known and cannot exist. Nothing negative can because THE ALL is made up of energy and this energy is always positive. THE ALL exist apart from this reality, or more precisely this reality exists apart from THE ALL.

THE ALL exists because love exists. It has no bounds, no changes, no time and complete oneness. There is harmony in THE ALL as there is a sameness that binds everything together like peas in a pod.

In working towards the goal of enlightenment one must first recognize that they are already enlightened, though there is always room for growth. The enlightened you is that you that has no ego. It has no personal agenda. Rather, it is and has always been. Time is meaningless to the enlightened you, but the egoic mind is ever mindful of time.

When we look at our place in time we wonder why is it that we were put here at this place and time. Will we learn what it is that we are to learn? Have we lived through enough lives to break the chains binding us to this realm? What we need to do is stop the merry-go-round ride the ego had us taking.

The ego has us pigeon holed to the extent we believe that we are a salesman or a businessman or an electrician. What does it matter? It doesn’t. The only thing you can truly say about yourself is that you are.


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