Everyone has a purpose. Something that drives them, makes them happy and compels them to be and do the things they do. In some their purpose is clearly defined and they proceed to go out and do their life’s work. In others their purpose is vague or obscured by other demands of their life. Still others are just plain in-the-dark about what they really want to do or become.

I was in this last category for many years and so I just let the demands of my life dictate what I did. In other words I sold out and worked at whatever job I could get. I was good at some and failed miserably at others. Nothing, however, fit. I was just floating along letting the river of life carry me wherever it might.

Then one day about 8 months ago I went to lunch and in the break room the TV was playing an episode of Oprah a show I hardly ever watch. Today’s discussion was about “The Secret” I listened intently to both the show and to the comments around the room. The message I heard from the show was that anything was possible if you put your mind to it. The comments around the room were those of disbelief.

I was raised in an ashram in Colorado and such ideas had been introduced to me before, but I was much more interested in sports and having a good time and of course girls.

When I graduated from high school I left the ashram and went to work as a carpenter. I was young and strong and in very good shape so the work was not all that hard and I learned how to frame houses.

I continued on with this work until I went into the Navy where I failed miserably. I was not one to follow orders and so I didn’t really fit in with what they wanted or tried to make of me.

After a year the Navy wanted to get rid of me as much as I wanted to leave and so they gave me a general discharge under honorable conditions. I came back home and got a job in a foundry making molds. It was piece work so I made real good money, but the conditions were not favorable so I quit and got a job carrying hod for stucco spreaders.

I left that job to go to my friends wedding in Massachusetts. From there I went with a friend to Florida where I got a job on a shrimp boat. After seven month I quit to have an adventure delivering three shrimp trawlers to Paramaribo,  Suriname. When I returned I had $1.300 and no bills as I had no car, no rent or any other obligations.

I decided to see Florida so I traveled the state and ended up in Key West. It was spring break time and many of the vacationing students came down to find warmth and to shed some of their pent up frustrations. I became a beach bum, living on an 8 acre island where we got up when we wanted, ate when we wanted and did exactly what we wanted to do.

The only obligation was to go out snorkeling each day to catch enough fish for dinner and to get enough shells, sea fans and starfish to sell for cigarette money. Then spring break ended the mosquitoes came and I left Boca Chica. I moved to Orlando to stay with a new friend I’d just met. Bob was in a wheel chair and he had a lake front house on North Lake Conway and he needed a caretaker and companion.

I became both for one year then I had to get on with my life so I got a job carrying hod for two bricklayers. I moved into my own place then my neighbors, two brothers, and I moved into a place together and I got a job in a bakery.

When the brothers moved back to Titusville, Florida I quite the bakery and went to Florida Tech University to study computer programming. This I soon found was not the vocation for me so I finished out the year and went back into the work force working as a common laborer in a recycling place. They bought and sold everything that was recyclable.

Getting homesick for Colorado I left Florida and made it as far as Dallas, Texas where the tires blew out and I had to get a job. I got a job as a carpenter, cut my leg real badly with a skill saw and was laid up for sometime. One of the maintenance men working for the apartments took me in and let me sleep on his floor while I healed then I got another job as a carpenter.

That worked out well and I got my own place with a girl I’d met. She got pregnant and left one day while I was at work to get an abortion. I was going to go back to home to Colorado then, but got a job by accident, working as a maintenance man for the apartments I had first stayed in when arriving in Dallas.

Three years later I finally moved back to Colorado, went to work for Best Western motel. While working there I met a girl that lived in Phoenix, so I moved to Phoenix and tried all kinds of things. I finally went to tech school to learn how to repair computers, got an associates degree and went to work for Radio Shack.

Since then I have been working as a salesman in one capacity or another not knowing what I wanted to do until  I saw the Oprah Show about the Secret. This show got me to thinking about the teachings of the brotherhood where I grew up and I started to study the subject.

Even though I found my purpose in life late it is not too late for me to finally pursue what I was meant to do. I began my site intentional mind power, which is to help others find themselves and to learn how to use the awesome power of their minds to live the life they want and deserve.

To that end I am going to get my Ph. D. in metaphysics a subject that has always been near and dear to my heart. In the meantime I intend to share with you the lessons I learn and the insights I develop as a result of my studies. I hope you stick with me for the journey. It promises to be a great experience.


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