Separation is the Illusion

separation-is-the-illusionWhen we give something a name or try to describe it we create separation, set limits, draw lines or boundaries, but there are none. When we think of up we pair it with down, heads we think of tails, right and wrong, yen and yang, etc. In reality they are all the same coming from the root, which is one. Since there is only the one there cannot be two or duality. The coin is one just as the rock or grass in THE ALL.


There is only oneness, all being the same, but the concept is lost in the egoic mind that is trapped in the illusion, trapped by itself. It cannot know the truth because it is the lie. Only the true self can know the truth and it is already enlightened. When we look to the stillness we come to know the truth and realize we are enlightened. Not superior or inferior, because we are one, the same and existing as one.


Certain words imply separateness, but they are not accurate. The head side of the coin is like the tail side, they exist as one coin. It’s hard to reconcile the notion when we’re tied to the illusion that we are an individual, separated from all the other things. These things are not divided and are not things at all. They are one and the same only pictured differently in our mind, which is part of the illusion.


The divine is everywhere and everything. That’s you, me, the rock, the tree and anything else you can inaccurately name. They are all part of THE ALL. They exist as one. They are one, not separate, not divided, but one. Naming something implies boundaries where there are none so if you say tree you could mean rock or bird or you. THE ALL produces these, but with no ALL there is no tree, rock, bird or you. They appear only in the physical realm as separate, but in THE ALL, there is no division.


THE ALL is everyone and everything else. It always has been as it is never changing. THE ALL is not a thing, it is what it is, but even to label it as it is incorrect. THE ALL is and cannot be defined, categorized or described. When you become aware of the stillness and see the truth you will see THE ALL, reconnect with the enlightenment that has always been and know oneness as it was meant to be. Then the idea of separateness fades from what you believed to be reality.


Once Awake, Always Awake

Spiritual AwakeningOnce in a great while there comes to a person an idea that surpasses all the ideas that have come before. Such ideas come from necessity and jus such an idea has come to me. I am not the one that originated it but its very notion was such that I had to look at it more closely. The idea was that we are asleep living life in a dream made by our ego. An ego that thinks we are just this physical being, or separate individuals.

It’s been more than two years ago that I first heard this idea and I have long since awakened from the altered state the ego had trapped me in. Upon closer inspection I can see that I am not that which my ego had led me to believe. I am just part of the whole and certainly not the individual of my ego’s design. Though I am, I see that all is the same and I am one with that which is.

THE ALL has always been, for it is without beginning or end, and therefor time doesn’t exist. THE ALL is without change and cannot be added to or taken from, for if it was it would not be THE ALL.That which is not THE ALL is not THE ALL or reality. This earthly plain is therefor not reality, but more a lab experiment for some purpose that I cannot fathom. There seems to me that it has no reason for being.

Why then are we here? What is the purpose other than to overcome the folly created by the ego. Our true self is that part of us that goes on once the physical body has died. That part is awake knowing the oneness  the truth the unconditional love of THE ALL. It is and has always been enlightened, though there is always more to know.

The purpose of the physical being learning to abandon the ego seems to me to be the test. What that brings us is to the awakened state, which is where our true self has always been and will always be. Since time doesn’t really exist outside the physical realm the awakened person has always been awake but the sleeping ones need time to find their true self. Once awakened, and once again knowing the enlightenment they have always known, they join those of us in this reality. Once awakened all the lines of separation fade and the divisions disappear. Then there is no wanting for power, no greed no fear only serene loving oneness.

The Way That Will Be Shown

TheWayWillBeShownIn the heart of all truly great men there is love and compassion. They empathize with the weak and downtrodden and help alleviate their suffering. Yet there is only so much they can do in this world we live in. this world filled with greed and unscrupulous people looking only for their own gain. The pleasures of the flesh and ego.

What if this were not the case? What if we lived in a world without strife, where all were honest and forthwith? That is precisely what awaits on the next level of existence, but it does not come without cost.

To reach the next level we must evolve so we can elevate ourselves to be worthy of this promotion. Evolution comes with knowledge and diligence. It comes with learning to love all without condition, to be aware of the needs of others and to become one with all things.

Your vibrations can be increased with knowledge and understanding. You can learn to attune yourself to the higher planes of existence. You have the ability to do great things if you will just open your mind to the possibilities.

Our world is on the verge of enlightenment. In the next 200 years massive strides will be taken in every area. Greed will no longer be a factor and power will no longer tip the scales. Technology will take unprecedented advancement as we learn to generate energy to heat our homes and power the tools we use.

All this is coming as a preparation to take us to the next level, but that will take much longer to become our reality. First we must become worthy of the next level through understanding the knowledge we will be given.

The time will come in the not to distant future where we will be given a glimpse into what will be. We will begin to live in a world where conditions are better. A world where our children’s children will live in peace and tranquility. But it is not enough to take us to the next level. The age of Aquarius is long and the road to the next level is a path that will take many generations to travel.

Begin with me the journey that will take us to the future. To the place where pleasure does not rule our every thought and action. Believe in the ways that will be shown. Know in your heart that they are the truth and the light that will mark our path. Enlightenment is the goal that gives us the sought after purpose and it is within us now and has always been there.


Unconditional Love is the Tie that Binds

onenessOneness or the knowledge of truth that we are all one is a grace for us to cherish. When we awaken we realize we have always been one with all things and enlightened. This oneness also brings to us unconditional love.

The love we hold for all things will not only change the way you look at the world, but will change the way the world looks at you. Oneness is the gift of unity, peace and harmony. In the oneness lies the truth or rather they are one and the same, for there is only the one, THE ALL.

Love is giving without expectation of reward, but the reward is forthcoming, anyway. The reward is in the giving as all that you give comes around and back to you again. It is the light that marks the way, though there is no way for it is always there, all around us, ever present.

Blessings abound when there is unconditional love in your heart. All that is and all that will be flowers and blooms in the light. Love is the tie that binds the world and all things in goodness, for goodness is all there is.

Duality exist only in the physical realm, as there can be no duality when there is only the one. Duality in the physical world comes from the one. It comes from a focal point that is projected into the physical world to create the polar opposites.

As individuals awaken the truth becomes known and their vibrations grow faster. Enlightenment is once again seen and known. Growth to that purpose is what we need to accomplish in order for the pending evolution to take place. It is the next step in the chain of events that has been ordered. Compliance is mandatory and will take place in due time.

Tim is not real a factor since it doesn’t exist in THE ALL. This is where the confusion comes from. We can’t visualize a realm as different as THE ALL, but it is what it is, unaffected by time.

Enlightenment is Found Through Awareness of The Truth

enlightenmentThere are many seeking enlightenment not aware that they already are enlightened and have always been enlightened. In order to realize the enlightenment you’ve always had you need to be aware of that part of yourself that has always been. It is your true self, but as the air you breathe it cannot be grasped or held onto. When sought it is elusive as it is not physical. It can be felt, but not touched. Do not look for your inner self because it cannot be found, instead just be aware that it is there, within you.

Awareness: the condition of being cognizant having knowledge or consciousness.

This definition and state of being is the root of enlightenment. It is to become aware that will lead you to the knowledge of self. Self-awareness will answer the question of what we are. Each will find their true identity through awareness.

The physical self is easy to be aware of as it is right there, available, easily seen. The inner self, the higher self is your true self. This true self has no end and no beginning. It has always been and will always be. This self is awakened, enlightened and one with all things including the divine.

To truly know yourself is to see with the eyes of oneness and to feel with the heart as one with all things. To be one is enlightenment. It is clarity and truth. It is love and harmony. It is to know and be one as there is only the one.

Our ego makes us believe we are separate and the physical form supports the fallacy. The egoic mind cannot comprehend oneness. It sees only separateness and duality while the inner self knows and sees only the oneness that is reality. The inner self is enlightened and has always been so. Listen to and be aware of the truth the love the harmony that is the oneness

The Egoic Mind Cannot Discern the Truth

truthAll is not what it seems. There is much to be gleaned from the fundamental teachings to which most religions of the west prescribe. They are correct in so far as they go, but there is much that must be learned to go beyond and realize the enlightenment that is within. Beginning your search is that which is not necessary, for that search will only bring you back to the beginning. It is within that the answers are to be found. Rather than searching become aware of all that you are. Therein lies the truth and the truth is all things for there is only the one.

As we ponder the questions that avoid answers we come across the one question that must be answered first. “Who Am I”. Certainly there is the physical being you see in the mirror. Its presence can be seen and felt. The brain tells us that we exist and the egoic mind solidifies this with definitions of who and what we are. I am an American, or I’m a writer, or I’m a republican… and the list goes on and on, but who are we really? What is the truth?

Our egoic mind is clueless in finding the truth, because all it knows is what the five senses tells it what the truth is. All the egoic mind knows is the physical realm. It does not know the spiritual state. It doesn’t know anything beyond this incarnation and yet there are thousands of incarnations that have gone before where who we were was much different. Different jobs, different beliefs, different nationalities. None of which matter and are certain not what defines who we are.

To find what truly defines us we must look inside. The answer is there and has been all the time. It eludes us, however, because we seek it, we grasp for it like some greedy child for an ice cream cone. Awareness of truth will begin the understanding that will let you see what has been there all along. The enlightenment you want has been yours always and is just waiting to be discovered.


Awareness of the Truth Reveals the Nothing That is Everything

Physical truth versus spiritual truth – The physical plane is ruled by the ego and it creates a roller coaster of emotional situations. From the highs to the lows the ego is in control, making life a series of evens, some good, some bad. Physical truth is self centered, where the only concern is the effect on self. The only questions is “How does this effect me?” There is nothing outside of the ego as itself is its only real concern.

The spiritual plane is one of complete indifference of the ego, because the ego doesn’t exist. All that is, is equal, the same. There is only the one and everything else falls away to become one. The spiritual truth is love, eternal and unconditional. It is an awakening and to awaken you must first become aware the the ego doesn’t truly exist.

This state of awakening can last forever or for a brief time, but once known you will never be quite the same. You will know the truth, love, harmony, true peace, tranquility and serenity. Words cannot describe the ALL they can only distort the experience.

To compare the two is night and day. The ego is finite, where each of us are separate. Each of us, no matter what we say is thinking about ourselves. We want to know what effect this will have on me If I give to charity, what will be my reward? What’s in it for me? How am I to be compensated.

Once you’ve awakened from the dream state there is only the one, the ALL and there is no me or you. There is no personal reward because there is no individual. In the the true reality, there is no duality because there is only the one. There is no right or wrong, no high or low, no positive or negative. There is love and there is truth and it begins with the awareness of love and truth as being one.

Becoming aware of the oneness of all things begins as we look to the still of the spirit. The silence and stillness of the quietude that lies in the pauses.The silence is and always has been there or here as each is the same. It is the nothing that can’t be seen, but will become apparent when you put your attention upon it. Then you will see it is the fullest nothing there is.