About Love and THE ALL

For the Love of ALL

As peace and tranquility envelops you, there comes a time when there is no time, when there is no place as neither exists. In a realm filled with nothing, there exists a silence. This silence is the foundation of all for it is truth and beauty as well as every positive attribute possible. It is the essence of love and love is all. With love THE ALL is. Without it there is no ALL.

Inside the ALL there is no conflict, no lines of separation or delineation. There is only peace and war or any kind of strife are not known and cannot exist. Nothing negative can because THE ALL is made up of energy and this energy is always positive. THE ALL exist apart from this reality, or more precisely this reality exists apart from THE ALL.

THE ALL exists because love exists. It has no bounds, no changes, no time and complete oneness. There is harmony in THE ALL as there is a sameness that binds everything together like peas in a pod.

In working towards the goal of enlightenment one must first recognize that they are already enlightened, though there is always room for growth. The enlightened you is that you that has no ego. It has no personal agenda. Rather, it is and has always been. Time is meaningless to the enlightened you, but the egoic mind is ever mindful of time.

When we look at our place in time we wonder why is it that we were put here at this place and time. Will we learn what it is that we are to learn? Have we lived through enough lives to break the chains binding us to this realm? What we need to do is stop the merry-go-round ride the ego had us taking.

The ego has us pigeon holed to the extent we believe that we are a salesman or a businessman or an electrician. What does it matter? It doesn’t. The only thing you can truly say about yourself is that you are.

Beliefs grow strong in some…

…so strong that they can see no other even when it is clear that they are wrong. But beliefs are merely fabrication of the mind. A mind that can only see what is on the surface. It cannot see what the heart knows. It cannot feel with the sixth sense.

But what of the sixth sense. How can we come to here its calling, see what is ever there, taste the nectar that awakens?

Ours is but a naked separation, longing to be one as meant to be. The division set must be put asunder. Thrown to the wolves of wonder that it may die so that the oneness may be.

Live in the darkness if you will, but one day all will see that oneness is all there can be.

When the sands of time run their course, they will reveal to all the oneness that is reality. Truth and love will abide when the course is found in the heart. For it is there and has been all along.

Deep within is the nothing where the oneness is found.

Enlightenment will come as the sixth sense opens. Found is the way when it is revealed. Fear not for a life immortal, that breathes in harmony with the ALL.

Oneness NetGrapple not with that which is false. Stay the mind that thinks only of the self. Liberty is where clarity come to be and serenity will be known when we answer the oneness call.


Awaken to Know the Truth, Oneness and Love

To awaken. To become aware, enlightened, to see the truth. This is the quest, though most don’t realize that this is all they are suppose to do. Instead we have to complicate things. Surely, it can’t be that simple, but it is.

Become aware of that which lies within, it is your true self, the self that has no beginning and no ending. The self that is already enlightened and one with all things. This self is the self that will take you from the illusions wrought by the egoic mind, into a world of greater understanding. In a world where you are not the center and where everything doesn’t revolve around you.

The truth is that there is no center for there is only the one where each place is exactly like every other place. Everything is made up of energy and this energy is just like that energy. It has the same potential as every other piece of energy.

As we progress we reach certain plateaus and once reached the next one is in sight and then the next. Learning the truth, seeing the oneness and knowing the love are yours once you awaken. Your reality changes and you see the world in a whole new light. Everything is beautiful and bright for the most part, because you are part of the whole where there is no dissension. Conflicts don’t occur as there is only the one, living in harmony.

You will eventually come to know this state of being, this way of life, but before that can happen you must first you must be willing to recognize the fraud perpetrated by the egoic mind. The egoic mind cannot know the truth because it cannot exist within the truth. Therefor almost everything it tells you is a lie and should be ignored until it goes away.

Avoiding the trap is a difficult thing to do sometimes, because what the egoic mind tells you sounds right. It goes along with what your senses tell you. So you listen to the lies and fall for it all. Now you’re on the roller coaster of life when the egoic mind is in charge. Get off the merry-go-round, look within, be aware of the stillness for in it is the real you.

Nothing to Make You Afraid

Deep somber shades of shadowed hues.

Silhouettes in the night with whispered clues.

Dark recesses that haunt the mind,

Expanding upon the fears they find.

Spinning unrest with illusions made,

Breeding mystery from sounds that fade.

Causing despair to form and start

Growing each moment in the timid heart,

But arrested your fear is free from your mind.

Let them fall as the tensions unwind.

Leave your cares to the troubled wind.

Look deep into the shadowed shapes that blend.

Discover there’s nothing to fear within them.

Nothing is there from before the lights went dim.

Listen intently to the sounds that are made.

And realize there’s nothing to make you afraid.

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Preview: Chapter 1 – Loving Truth

Truth is a constant. It is never changing. Truth is the bind that tethers us to reality and yet we find that there is reality and there is illusion. THE ALL is never changing. It cannot be added to or taken from. It has no beginning and it has no end.

THE ALL is truth. It is oneness. It is everything and nothing. If there were places in THE ALL each place would be the same as every other place. Nothing is moving for there is no space and time. It exists in harmony. It has rhythm. It has vibration. But there is no emotion, no ego, and no duality. It merely exists and is everything and nothing at all.

On the other hand, we have this physical reality which is ever changing, filled with duality and emotions. It has time and space. It has a beginning and an end. There is motion without unity. Each of us is an individual an island with our thoughts, our emotions and our ego.

We have our wants and needs. We have our hopes and dreams. We are ambitious, self-centered, self-serving, competitive, greedy, envious, scared, doubtful, and contemptuous. Our mind is closed and we think of how we can become financially free, to have the better things in life.

We try to disguise our disgusting traits and to some degree some of us are successful, but still back in the recesses of our physical mind the urges still lurk. The fact is we all look for the thing that tells us “What’s In It For Me”. The ego has such a firm hold upon what we think, do and say that we scarcely think of anything other than ourselves.

Yet, there are those that rise above this ego when they become awakened. It is a difficult thing to accomplish because of the overwhelming persuasiveness of the ego, but it is something that needs to be done. The ego is for the most part evil or at least the potential to do evil things. Maybe not all the time, but certainly by its very self-centered nature to indirectly cause harmful things to happen to others.

It is our will that creates situations where we strive to be more, have more and do more or less as the case may be. To overcome these, we must learn to not be so concerned about our status or the way others look at us. The self must become nonexistent in the sense that there is pride or self-worth. We know that the body has needs and those must be met for the body to stay alive, but our chief concern is not the glory that is to be found in deeds or possessions.

Every person’s ego spurs them on to obtain power, to be the leader and thus having control over what others are allowed to do. We want to be the center of attention by nature. This “Look At Me” attitude is what drives wedges between us. My will is stronger than yours or my way is the only way just makes enemies simply because all egos make us believe the same.

To forget all that, takes a strong will. To not have feelings of grandeur for yourself is hard to do. To forget the pride and the drive or ambition is a matter of wanting to be one. For it is in the oneness that we see none of it really matters. There is no advantage except the ones perceived on this earthly plane. There are no riches or power in THE ALL. Everything is equal. It is a level playing field where there is harmony and unconditional love abiding in and for all things.

To rise above the pettiness of self is to forget the ‘me’ and focus on the One. Believe in the One for it is the essence of what is truth. When you look around in THE ALL there is no differences and no individuals and it goes on forever. All cosmic energy is alike. It has always been and it will always be, unchanging.

Because this physical reality is ever changing and driven by the ego where the self is the only thing. Just look at the old saying, “What’s In It For Me.” It spells out the whole problem and how self-centered the ego makes us. It is the ego that prevents us from giving without receiving. Physical truth is strictly a matter of fact truth based on the wants and needs of the ego.

Spiritual life is a bonding of permanence, a cementing of faith and self where the mind is focused upon THE ALL. It is seeking a way into oneness for the physical mind. There is a knowing of the Universal Laws that govern this physical plane. These laws create continuity so the universe can run. Any being of the lower dimensions is bound by these laws and must comply with them.

Duality is part of the physical truth in the physical plane and so creates the world we know. A balance is struck by the cooperation of the dual nature of things. With this balance the universe is maintained while the physical being is often confused. The teachings of man over the ages has mostly added to this state of confusion.

Physical truth prevails, in most, as greed and self-promotion rarely take a back seat to the oneness it denies. Our drive and our ambitions have kept us from advancing spiritually. Teachers of religion and theosophy have perverted the word, twisting it and falsifying it for their own gain. Their greed and lust for power have led not only them astray, but those that have followed them.

By the very nature of things, we are our worst enemy. Truth is not sought only creature comforts and the power over others matters to us. The physical existence is our primary concern. How to make a buck is our motto.

But what of the other side of the coin. In a world of oneness would we not all be the same, living happy well-adjusted lives without need or want. Dishonesty and the want to have power over others would not exist. There would be no greed or envy. Only peace and harmony would exist in a tranquil setting.

Which would you prefer? I think the answer is obvious, for in oneness there would be no strife. We would know happiness even though there are no emotions to confuse the issues because there are no issues. When there is strife there is stress, competition, ambition, which lead to all sorts of problems.

Emotions are the enemy of the physical and spiritual being. They lead us in ways that we don’t really want to go. They take us to places that creates the strife we want to avoid. Our very existence is defined by these emotions, whether they are positive or negative. In the state of oneness the positive aspects exist without the personal emotions to get in our way.

Is this then a boring place you might ask, though it is not so. In fact, it is a place of answered wonder where the whole of it will never be known. Like nothing that holds everything THE ALL is precisely that.

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This is a completely free opportunity for you to own what will be your guide to the truth. There’s no signing up for anything. The link above will take you right to the book PDF. I hope you find both value and enjoyment in the book.




The Cleansing Attitude

I have lived in many different places and been with many different people over those years. I’ve seen and read and looked for the answer to the question “Who Am I?” We all know who we are or should and that truth of what we truly are is that which lives inside, the inner self, and the nonegoic, true self. That self that is one, enlightened, at peace with all things.

There is no better cleansing attitude than that which is one/in/of/with THE ALL. There really are no line of division because there are no boundaries around how much you can love unconditionally. Don’t live in a world that is topsy-turvy. Don’t give into the madness that is believed by the ego. It will only lead you astray.

The reality is that we are all one, in THE ALL. There is no other, there is only the divine oneness that is and of THE ALL. It is a reality that can be found within. Look to thy inner self, thy oneness being that dwells within. There you will be once again knowing, that which you once knew and will know again. The truth is in the knowing and the knowing is in the truth.

There is not that which can’t be fathomed in the unaltered state of mind. There is only truth that allows you to see the oneness that is THE ALL. It is the truth of all existence, the flower of what is, without being an, is, without existing in time or space. Only knowing that there is only the one, the divine, THE ALL.

Before leaving you I going to share with you a poem I wrote.

Never Get Their Fill

The raptures of the mind float within the dreams

Chased within fantasies effervescent beams

Lights that will not shadow, heat that will not scorch

Ever burning desires perched upon an unending torch

A wantoness that wells a thirst that doesn’t quell

An enamorment of an enchantment spell

The needs ignore the warnings of the mind

The truth goes unheeded for fulfillment’s bliss to find

Lost in the desires of the famished yearning

Left within the wanting of the passions burning

Never sated are the feeling of the wanting

Unfounded is the searched for hunting

Unrealized go the undaunted some

Questing for the raptured feelings to come

Yet all that’s left to look for is a new thrill

Unknowing that they will never get their fill


I hope you enjoyed my poem. If so there are many more on my RandileaPublishing.com website blog. This link will take you directly to the blog’s home page.


Awakening in THE ALL – Introduction

What you believe is something each of us needs to have as our starting point. From there you will grow and learn of the next step in what you need to do. The direction you take and the path you follow depends on so many things, but it all should boil down where the spirit mind decides you should go. Where you are on your journey to enlightenment is where your past lives have gotten you, to this point. The next step on that journey is relative to what you need to learn or become in order to go from where you are to where you need to go next. This of course is not a physical journey, but a journey of the true mind and spirit.

There is a promise that each of us needs to make to ourselves and that is to search for the answers that will make us whole, make us one with THE ALL. Look within yourself and always be aware of the inner voice, for it is in this voice that we come to know the truth. This will lead us to the love of truth that will take us to our awakening and beyond, And, yes there is more even after you realize your enlightenment again, there is more.

Finding truth is just the beginning and when you do you will find that oneness will completely change how you view what and who you are. In oneness you will perceive the world in a completely different way. Your beliefs will fall away as the ego disappears from existence.

Up to that point the ego has been the center that your identity revolved around, but the ego will no longer exist. You will have a new center that your true self revolves around causing disorientation at first.

This disorientation is temporary as you become adjusted to the reality of your true self. This is the natural state you should have been in all along and not the state of illusion created by the ego. Ego is the true altered state of consciousness.

Our future is in the making and nothing has been decided as the future has not been written. This world is evolving and the information we’re given is going to continue as more and more find enlightenment. We know what we know now because of the information previously given and with new information we’ll continue to grow.

Where we are now is for good reason, but the reality of it all is that this physical plane that we now consider to be the reality is a manifestation of the egoic state. The very definition of reality is the existence that is absolute, self-sufficient, or objective, and not subject to human decisions or conventions, the state or quality of having existence or substance.

“Substance” means: “that which underlies all outward manifestations; the essence; the essential reality; the thing in itself,” etc. “Substantial” means: “actually existing; being the essential element; being real,” etc. “Reality” means: “the state of being real; true, enduring; valid; fixed; permanent; actual,” etc.

This egoic state is not the true reality for the reasons stated above and below:

From The Kybalion

The human reason, whose reports we must accept so long as we think at all, informs us as follows regarding THE ALL, and that without attempting to remove the veil of the Unknowable:

  1. THE ALL must be ALL that REALLY IS. There can be nothing existing outside of THE ALL, else THE ALL would not be THE ALL.
  2. THE ALL must be INFINITE, for is nothing else to define, confine, bound, limit or restrict THE ALL It must be Infinite in Time, or ETERNAL,–it must have always continuously existed, for there is nothing else to have ever created it, and something can never evolve from nothing, and if it had ever “not been,” even for a moment, it would not “be” now,–it must continuously exist forever, for there is nothing to destroy it, and it can never “not-be,” even for a moment, because something can never become nothing. It must be Infinite in Space–it must be Everywhere, for there is no place outside of THE ALL–it cannot be otherwise than continuous in Space, without break, cessation, separation, or interruption, for there is nothing to break, separate, or interrupt its continuity, and nothing with which to “fill in the gaps.” It must be Infinite in Power, or Absolute, for there is nothing to limit, restrict, restrain, confine, disturb or condition it–it is subject to no other Power, for there is no other Power.
  3. THE ALL must be IMMUTABLE, or not subject to change in its real nature, for there is nothing to work changes upon it; nothing into which it could change, nor from which it could have changed. It cannot be added to nor subtracted from; increased nor diminished; nor become greater or lesser in any respect whatsoever. It must have always been, and must always remain, just what it is now–THE ALL–there has never been, is not now, and never will be, any-thing else into which it can change.

THE ALL being Infinite, Absolute, Eternal and Unchangeable it must follow that anything finite, changeable, fleeting, and conditioned cannot be THE ALL. And as there is Nothing outside of THE ALL, in Reality, then any and all such finite things must be as Nothing in Reality. Now do not become befogged, nor frightened–we are not trying to lead you into the Christian Science field under cover of Hermetic Philosophy. There is a Reconciliation of this apparently contradictory state of affairs. Be patient, we will reach it in time.

Our ego believes this body and mind are our true self and yet they are not. Our true self is that part of us that goes on after this body has died. The essence inside of us is one with THE ALL. It has no end and no beginning and therefor is never changing. It is as it has always been.


Why then is there the universe and separate false reality, this facade? There are many different beliefs, the first being that it is the true reality, but we’ve already discussed why it is believed not to be so. Another is that there is an evolution that needs to take place, but this can’t be so because THE ALL is never changing and evolution is change.

So let’s take it in another direction. Your true self is housed in a body that has a mind with which it can think to perform tasks that it needs to survive. Also this mind gathers information from the senses and experiences, but somewhere along the line it created the beliefs that it makes decisions about what to do and who the self is or ego.

As we begin to see that this reality is not reality we begin to understand what and how we live is not reality either. The physical creature comforts we desire are not necessary for us to know happiness. The life we live is totally dependent of the wants and desires of the egoic mind.

The ego that created the beliefs of your false reality are what have shaped and molded it, just as we are shaped and molded by them. The beliefs are based on false information and can therefor only be false.

But let’s look at the ego. It believes that it is the true self, the only self and it has certain presupposed definitions of what it wants and needs to be happy. Then it goes about creating a roller coaster of highs and lows to completely mix up the situation. Duality is in full force with the ego and its cause and effect selections. On autopilot it creates the situations to maintain an off-balance situation for most of us.

To combat the ego, we should dismiss it entirely. It is what creates all the bad things in our life by creating both the negative and positive aspects of life. The ego is all about the physical self and yet it doesn’t want there to be any complacency. The bottom line is the ego is holding you back from your true potential.

The ego wants there to be competition and it wants you to have ambition. These things only create the personification of all the things that is wrong in this physical reality. They give us greed, envy and every other negative emotion and response including hate and fear. They breed doubt and in the end create the roller coaster we want to depart.

When the ego is nullified the results are an uncaring attitude for the self and all that remains is a deep and satisfying caring for everything. This is when you can learn to love unconditionally and that is when you will find the true meaning of life. The true self is a caring, giving and wonderful being that is more concerned with the good of all things.

While it is in this state everything is however not wonderful. There are conditions in the world such as natural disasters, deaths of loved ones, accidents and unenlightened people. There is also still the matter of making your way by doing something to earn a living.

Those that are enlightened learn to share and be part of the greater good of mankind, nature and the universe. Somewhere in all this you will awaken to all that is good and right with the world and it will reflect in how you are perceived by others.

Not only will you find acceptance as you are viewed, doors will open for you that were previously closed. Things will begin to happen that you wanted to be, just as things will start to appear in your life to help you fulfill your desires, but they will not come on your terms. If you truly have forsaken the ego you will actually have no terms.

That which you express and think will become the nature of unselfishness. No more will you have thoughts of beating someone at any game or competing for the job and yet by ridding yourself of these desires you will more readily attain them. I know it sounds like it’s backward, but it is the reality of the way things are.

People who have found this have found the true pathway to living their dreams, of having all that they need to be happy, healthy and wealthy. They are at peace with every aspect of life as they are at peace with everything and everyone. They harbor no ill feelings for the evil that goes on, they seek no revenge for the wrongs done by others and because of this their world receives none of these unwanted and negative things. They simply don’t exist. There comes a point when you come full circle and connect with that part of you that is one with THE ALL.

It is in this enlightened state that we awaken into the oneness where nothing else exists. There is no longer the need for the ego and its control fades completely from your life.

As you bask in the glow of this immersion you come to know that THE ALL is everything and nothing. It is every place and no place at the same time. It is all time and no time. It merely is and each part is just like another because there are no parts. There are no lines of separation, no delineation and no barriers. You simply exist in THE ALL and there you find peace and contentment, harmony and tranquility, like you’re living inside joy itself.

In this state, you become aware of the rhythm of THE ALL as you flow with the beat and breathe with its breathing. Complete and utter satisfaction are found and so there is no need to seek any farther for the completeness you’ve been searching for and there is unconditional love filling your heart.

The ego loses control over your physical being and your oneness self. It no longer wants to compete it wants to create instead. It no longer has ambitions which only bring your vibrations down as that makes you greedy and envious instead of supportive and loving. You lose the need to beat someone at something you only want to give and in the giving you become stronger and more worthy of the oneness that surrounds you.

Break from the spell the ego has you under, as it only wants to separate you from THE ALL. It has its own self-centered agenda seeking its petty wants and needs. Needs that will keep you on this roller coaster of duality that constantly bombards you with its highs and lows.

With all that being said it is impossible to accurately put the experience of awakening and describing THE ALL into words. Words simply do not express the situation fully. The only way to know what it is to awaken, but words are all I have to convey the message I wish to impart.