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Physical truth versus spiritual truth – The physical plane is ruled by the ego and it creates a roller coaster of emotional situations. From the highs to the lows the ego is in control, making life a series of evens, some good, some bad. Physical truth is self centered, where the only concern is the effect on self. The only questions is “How does this effect me?” There is nothing outside of the ego as itself is its only real concern.

The spiritual plane is one of complete indifference of the ego, because the ego doesn’t exist. All that is, is equal, the same. There is only the one and everything else falls away to become one. The spiritual truth is love, eternal and unconditional. It is an awakening and to awaken you must first become aware the the ego doesn’t truly exist.

This state of awakening can last forever or for a brief time, but once known you will never be quite the same. You will know the truth, love, harmony, true peace, tranquility and serenity. Words cannot describe the ALL they can only distort the experience.

To compare the two is night and day. The ego is finite, where each of us are separate. Each of us, no matter what we say is thinking about ourselves. We want to know what effect this will have on me If I give to charity, what will be my reward? What’s in it for me? How am I to be compensated.

Once you’ve awakened from the dream state there is only the one, the ALL and there is no me or you. There is no personal reward because there is no individual. In the the true reality, there is no duality because there is only the one. There is no right or wrong, no high or low, no positive or negative. There is love and there is truth and it begins with the awareness of love and truth as being one.

Becoming aware of the oneness of all things begins as we look to the still of the spirit. The silence and stillness of the quietude that lies in the pauses.The silence is and always has been there or here as each is the same. It is the nothing that can’t be seen, but will become apparent when you put your attention upon it. Then you will see it is the fullest nothing there is.


TheALLThere are two schools of thought regarding THE ALL and the Universe. THE ALL is mental. it doesn’t consist of matter,yet within it there is the Universe which is matter in the form of varying energies. These energies form matter which are real to us living on this plane of existence and must be treated as real by the wise.

Those that contend that anything that has beginning or end and is constantly changing cannot be real by the mere mention of this fact fail to realize that there are two realities. The reality that we must adhere to is the reality that we are energy and therefor subject to the laws of this reality, the reality of the Universe.

If we stub our toe on a rock we feel pain in the mind. The rock is a collection of energy forming atoms that make up molecules to bring about the rocks existence into this, the Universe. For that matter our foot and brain are the same thing, energy forming atoms that make up molecules. So there is no escaping the fact that they are real.

Because there are the laws governing this physical realm that are irrefutable we seem to be trapped in this existence, going round and round in circles and getting nowhere. Instead do as the wise do and use law against law; the higher against the lower. Mastery doesn’t consist of abnormal dreams, visions, and fantastic imaginings or living, but in using the higher forces against the lower. By vibrating at a higher level you can escape the boundaries of the lower planes.

This transmutation is the how the masters became masters. We do not live in a world of dreams, but in a Universe, which is real as our lives and actions can attest. To live using the laws to rise above that place we find ourselves, to live each day to our highest ideas and ideals is how to overcome this station.

The true meaning of life is not know to men on this plane, but there is no mistake made when living up to our best and most possible potential. We are all on the path, the road leading upward, each of us at our own place. Create this day the best world you know how. Feel your vibrations increase as you grow and evolve. Learn to understand one new thing and bring your world to a better place to be.

Intentional Mind PowerIntentional Mind Power is about strengthening the mind with the use of knowledge and truth. We are evolving and changing, growing to enlightenment and oneness. Success is not a measured thing. It is a personal growth stick and there is no right or wrong answer. There is, however, truth and so you must develop an awareness of truth in order to know love.

Truth is the opening door to discovering a reality that you really need to explore. This reality can be found within. It begins with you, your higher self. That part of you that goes on after this body has failed. It is that essence within you that is already one with the ALL.

But, before we get ahead of ourselves let’s begin with the journey. We are all on a journey of sorts. It is not a physical journey, but a spiritual one. We all know we have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. The subconscious is you without the ego. The physical mind was ruled by ego from practically the beginning. It is the drive to stay alive. It is the mind that is affixed to the physical world and will perish with the body.

The subconscious mind however records every event, every lesson, every thought and has done so for every life you have lived. This mind also connects to the Universal Mind where it dumps all of these recorded things. Every life of every person ever living has stored its records here as well. The Universal Mind is all knowing and it never makes a mistake. It is truth, but it also resides in the physical realm.

The reality of the spirit is different from this physical reality. It is not bound by time as time doesn’t exist since the spirit has no beginning and it has no end. In fact the spirit realm is the ALL. The ALL is infinite for it cannot be contained and yet one location is exactly as the next, which means there are no locations. There is no duality as everything is in harmony. There is rhythm and frequency in both, in the spirit realm it is more defined, more in tune with the oneness.