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The Egoic Mind Cannot Discern the Truth

truthAll is not what it seems. There is much to be gleaned from the fundamental teachings to which most religions of the west prescribe. They are correct in so far as they go, but there is much that must be learned to go beyond and realize the enlightenment that is within. Beginning your search is that which is not necessary, for that search will only bring you back to the beginning. It is within that the answers are to be found. Rather than searching become aware of all that you are. Therein lies the truth and the truth is all things for there is only the one.

As we ponder the questions that avoid answers we come across the one question that must be answered first. “Who Am I”. Certainly there is the physical being you see in the mirror. Its presence can be seen and felt. The brain tells us that we exist and the egoic mind solidifies this with definitions of who and what we are. I am an American, or I’m a writer, or I’m a republican… and the list goes on and on, but who are we really? What is the truth?

Our egoic mind is clueless in finding the truth, because all it knows is what the five senses tells it what the truth is. All the egoic mind knows is the physical realm. It does not know the spiritual state. It doesn’t know anything beyond this incarnation and yet there are thousands of incarnations that have gone before where who we were was much different. Different jobs, different beliefs, different nationalities. None of which matter and are certain not what defines who we are.

To find what truly defines us we must look inside. The answer is there and has been all the time. It eludes us, however, because we seek it, we grasp for it like some greedy child for an ice cream cone. Awareness of truth will begin the understanding that will let you see what has been there all along. The enlightenment you want has been yours always and is just waiting to be discovered.


Physical truth versus spiritual truth – The physical plane is ruled by the ego and it creates a roller coaster of emotional situations. From the highs to the lows the ego is in control, making life a series of evens, some good, some bad. Physical truth is self centered, where the only concern is the effect on self. The only questions is “How does this effect me?” There is nothing outside of the ego as itself is its only real concern.

The spiritual plane is one of complete indifference of the ego, because the ego doesn’t exist. All that is, is equal, the same. There is only the one and everything else falls away to become one. The spiritual truth is love, eternal and unconditional. It is an awakening and to awaken you must first become aware the the ego doesn’t truly exist.

This state of awakening can last forever or for a brief time, but once known you will never be quite the same. You will know the truth, love, harmony, true peace, tranquility and serenity. Words cannot describe the ALL they can only distort the experience.

To compare the two is night and day. The ego is finite, where each of us are separate. Each of us, no matter what we say is thinking about ourselves. We want to know what effect this will have on me If I give to charity, what will be my reward? What’s in it for me? How am I to be compensated.

Once you’ve awakened from the dream state there is only the one, the ALL and there is no me or you. There is no personal reward because there is no individual. In the the true reality, there is no duality because there is only the one. There is no right or wrong, no high or low, no positive or negative. There is love and there is truth and it begins with the awareness of love and truth as being one.

Becoming aware of the oneness of all things begins as we look to the still of the spirit. The silence and stillness of the quietude that lies in the pauses.The silence is and always has been there or here as each is the same. It is the nothing that can’t be seen, but will become apparent when you put your attention upon it. Then you will see it is the fullest nothing there is.

In the days of plenty, when everything is going our way, we rarely pray for help or guidance or any of the other things we pray about. It’s when we are suffering that we want relief from it, or a solution for it. Happiness is a state of mind, but just the ego mind. This is the mind that makes us think we are separate. This is the mind that creates the problems and makes us suffer.

When we awaken in The ALL we realize we are one with the divine and though there is still suffering from aches and pains of the body, sorrows from illness or death, and even disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, there is mostly happiness. It is the body that suffers and not the real you. The reality of suffering is only physical for the real you doesn’t know pain or sickness or death.

All physical things die or wear away. The true self has no beginning and no end. The true self allows everything to be. It does not know good from bad, right from wrong because in The ALL they don’t exist. There is only oneness, peace and harmony. As long as you’re awake all you’ll see is the nondualistic world of reality. Sure the physical body will get sick and eventually die, but the true self, which is no self, lives on and even in sickness it sees only the reality of its oneness.

Oneness is truth, the reality of the world, knowing that it is as it is. Knowing that no change is needed. Change is trying to control what can’t be controlled. It’s like trying to stop the rain from falling down or the wind to blow. These things are natural, just as waking from the dream state is natural.

Lift the veil, step into the silence, know the truth. This is the real you, the you that you want to know. The you that sees the truth and enlightenment. The you that perceives the world as it is and lets it be. Revel in the truth for it is freedom, real freedom from the suffering the ego puts us through.

When your world ends and the beliefs along with the self created by ego have fallen away, there may still be some residual thoughts that linger. These are so well hidden deep within that they could resurface during times of anger or fear or stress that they make you fall back into the dream state.

It is better to find them and face them before they strike during an extreme emotional state. Though no always, these beliefs were generally formed early in one’s childhood and have become so ingrained in the identity that they go unnoticed even under the most thorough searches.

Awakening can become shrouded if the beliefs surface and the dream state will begin again. The ego mind is hard to completely shut down. When these beliefs try to surface, dismiss them for the false beliefs they are. Give them no foothold or ground to stand upon and they too will fall.

The awakened state is the natural state, but you’ve lived in the dream state so long that it is the center you feel most comfortable with. It is not the truth. It is not reality. It keeps us separate when we are really one. the same. Knowing that ther is only the oneness, divine singularity can stay you from receding back into the illusion.

Hold onto the truth and dismiss the false beliefs. They will not help you on the road to enlightenment. They will not let you perceive the world as it really is or allow you to know the peace that truth, oneness, and unconditional love will let you experience. Let it all go and let it be.

Into the darkness, into the light. In a world of oneness it’s all the same. There’s no right or wrong, no good or bad. There is only the way it is, the truth, the reality. The separation is not real, the division an illusion.

What is real and what is not?

The path is clear, but the way is hidden behind a veil of grace. Like a tiny sparrow way off in the distance, that can’t be seen with the naked eye. With a pair of binoculars the sparrow becomes clear. It is all a matter of perception and when the nothing that is everything becomes clear it’s because you’ve brought it to you with awareness.

Cloud the mind of the memory of your true self, if you want, but it still remains. It continues to call even when you choose not to hear. The echo resonates, dying slowly, only to be reborn Cast aside your doubts and listen with your heart. In the heart the message will blossom to full bloom. Let it register as you take the realization and awaken to the truth. It is the natural way and there’s beauty in its wake.

Foster the care, create beauty everywhere. Oneness is beauty that spawns understanding and love. It nurtures the truth of enlightenment, granting the grace meant to be known and shared. Grow within the peace as oneness envelops you and you are no more the selfish, separate being the ego depicts.

Spread your wings and soar unbounded by ego’s strings. Therein lies the way to follow, the way we were meant to go. Look to the silence, it is the passage to a world where shadows become light, wrong becomes right and love is always in sight. Awaken to the reality of truth where you can be free.

There’s a truth that goes unspoken. It whispers from the heart and speaks of forever. It doesn’t gloss over any of the details or mince words. It talks of the oneness that is and the harmony it generates. The gentle flow of nature that comes from the oneness where everything is united.

To feel the joy of peace is to know the truth of the world. To perceive the world through the eyes of truth is to see that there is no separation. Dwell within the splinters brought together to become one. Forget the seeking and the wanting, because what’s there to want when it’s all one. Where is there to go when each place can be any other. Revel in the truth that knows only love.

Unconditional love that sees only the one, where there is no color, no beliefs, no duality. Each is divine and each is one. God is one, there is no other. The truth is the same no matter what you believe. You are what you are and it has always been so. You have lived countless lives believing in the separateness created by the many egos in your past. But the truth has always been the same it is you that has refused to see it.

Not on purpose, but because it was what everyone else believed. In fact there have been times when you even suggested that the ego world was not reality you would have been stoned or put to death. You would have been labeled a heretic and excommunicated at least.

Thankfully we’ve progressed to the point where we can express ourselves without being killed as a heretic. Yet when I speak of these things to others I’m labeled as odd. Shunned because I dare to challenge their beliefs. But in the end all will come to know the truth, it is inevitable even though it may take ten thousand lifetimes we will all eventually see the truth and know the serenity of oneness.

Letting everything go. All thoughts, all ideas, all resistance to the ego self is when you will see the whole. There are no words to describe the ALL, or whatever you want to name it. A way of looking without eyes. A way of feeling without fingers. An inner sense that takes you beyond ego to find your true self. The self that is not controlled and manipulated by ego.

Truth is the enemy of ego. It fears the truth because it cannot no the truth as there is no place for ego in the awakened self, the true self. Ego is thoughts and ideas brought from the outside with our fine senses, filled with disinformation from other egos. One you see the truth you will see the lies. You will know the real you without the ego.

In the stillness that lays within there is love and peace and truth. It is in the nothingness that is everything. This is not a place that can be sought because it is here, there and everywhere, but nowhere, which can also be read as now here.

To have conditions is just another way of saying you don’t have control. This mind and body are not your true self. Though this life is a blessing, it is even more so when you are not controlled by ego. When the ego is in control it manufactures problems brought about by dualistic properties found in the realm of an ego controlled reality, which is not reality at all.

In a dualistic world there is right and wrong, good and bad, along with many other opposites. Nondualistic means there is only the way things truly are and this is truth. It is ALL. And yet, there are no divisions, no separations. ALL is one, in a divine grace.

Sure, there are all the goings on of the world and they will always be as they are at any given time. It is your perception that changes. It is the way you see the world that is new. When you awaken from the dream state you will see the truth, see the oneness that exists in reality. There is only one God who is everything. This very thing tells us inconclusively that there is only one and that there can be no other.

There is no middle ground between being the “me” and being “one”. This is not to say that the “me” will not try to hold on or even try to gain control after awakening. It will even play tricks and come up with new beliefs to get you to buy back into its control.

When the shift takes place there may be a period when the “me” hasn’t quite dissolved away completely. Though the awakening has taken place there might be something that needs to be resolved. Some issue that has not been totally answered or fixed.

This is not always the case It can just be the doggedness of the ego refusing to give up control. Either way this “me” must fall away completely to prevent it from ever taking control again. Work through any issues and the let it go, even though there most likely is disorientation while adjusting to the new center of self.

The ego center is no longer the center of self. Truth is the center after awakening from the dream state. More specifically it is your real consciousness that is your new center and it has different things that it values. Some of these are truth, peace, harmony and love.

The ego self has an agenda that is always wanting and seeking. It want change and creates problems that it has no intention of solving. The ego wants things because it is convinced that they will make it happy. Sure they will make it happy for a brief time, but when the newness has worn off it’s off to other things and so it’s never satisfied.

The awakened self is happy and content, no longer wanting what it doesn’t need to be happy. Still it will lead you towards what you need to be truly happy and content. But mostly it sees things as they are and lets them be as they are.

Like a flower wilting in the sun the illusions of the ego mind will eventually wither and die. Like all dreams they must fade away as reality takes over. It is inevitable. The higher self, the true self, which is no self at all sees them as illusions, for it is the truth.

The truth has always been truth and will always be truth, there is no other. There is only the one, just as there is only one God, who is everywhere and everything. All is one, with no beginning and no end. To see the light is to see the darkness for they are one. To be is to be one.

Open your heart to the stillness, where the nothingness that is everything is found. Flow with the harmony of freedom as you let it all be as it is. The problems, like the illusions that the ego mind conjures will fade and fall away. The duality will disappear as all things become one. The world and all you see will be one.

A new perspective will arise as you witness the world and all will be one, for there is no other, there is only truth. The truth of reality. And with this truth will come unconditional love for all things. Harmony will be in all things. The oneness will go unnoticed as you walk the enlightened path beyond your awakening. It is the beginning without end.

Know that you do this for truth and no other reason. You will still know pain as the body suffers. Disasters will still come as the waters will rise and the winds will blow. It is only your perspective that will change. Money will still need to be made to provide food and shelter. The wanting will cease to be, for those things will no longer matter.

You will not become a super human though you will be divine as you have always been. There is only the one and all is divine. Time will not matter even though this lifetime will one day end. It is the true self, the higher self that knows no time and is without beginning and end.

When the taste of bliss is upon your lips and the sighs of rapture escape, you will know the blessings of grace. Alone no more, as you are wrapped in the unconditional love of oneness. Attaining oneness means no longer being separated from one another. No longer will you be manipulated by the ego mind, a mind that creates problems and keeps us from the truth.

Awakening does not come easy to most. It means letting go of all you know and believe to be true. These beliefs are fabrications of the ego mind and they are not reality. The center you revolve around is an illusion, conjured by the ego mind. It is the heart mind that knows the truth.

Become aware of the the stillness, draw your attention to the quietude that is the doorway to the awakened state. Words distort its actuality. They cannot reveal the true experience, but words are all I have to convey the message. As you awaken you will be disoriented. Your center will have fallen away and you will feel empty and abandoned at first.

Then you will realize that you are not alone, no longer separate from anything. Though you are in the midst of the nothingness, you will see it holds everything. It is the calm harmony of being filled with unconditional love for all things. You will perceive the world in a whole new light, seeing the truth that has beckoned you lifetime upon lifetime. You will know of what is, but not as one separated self. The ego that kept you in the dark has also fallen away and is no more. The self you believed to be you is no longer a consideration.

There is only freedom and a new way for you to live. Awakened from a dream you face reality for the first time and know that it is grace. The grace that comes to us when we awaken is the envelope that wraps us in truth and love. A grace that sets us free to be our true self, the self we were always meant to be.